One Vision

Since 1925 we have supported hundreds of nonprofits and thousands of people in neighborhoods, cities, villages and townships throughout Kalamazoo County. They all add up to one community. Our vision is a community where every person can reach full potential. We believe equity and education are the best pathways to make this vision a reality.

Why equity and education? Because despite our collective best efforts, we haven’t been able to break our community’s cycles of poverty and illiteracy. There are still too many people who don’t have safe and affordable homes, healthy (or enough) food on their tables and in their cupboards, or the skills or education they need to get a job that pays enough to provide these basic needs.

People who have opportunities to access health care and healthy food are more likely to have their health care and nutrition needs met, making Kalamazoo County physically healthier. Healthy people have fewer absences from work and are more productive. People who have the education and skills they need get better work opportunities and better pay. All of this makes Kalamazoo County’s economy stronger.

We believe — and research shows — that when people are effectively educated they are:

  • More likely to find meaningful employment;
  • Better equipped to support themselves and their families; and 
  • More involved in and give back to their community.

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