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How to Apply

The Kalamazoo Community Foundation seeks to be a responsive and proactive community partner that helps local nonprofit organizations address community needs. We make community investments in quality programs that make life better for everyone in Kalamazoo County.

Organizations that are recognized under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or that have a fiscal sponsor that is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and provide services to the greater Kalamazoo community are eligible to apply for grants. Organizations seeking funding from the Community Foundation should determine their top funding need and if it fits with our community investment priorities. We do accept capital and operational funding requests. However, these types of requests also must fit within one of the priority areas. We will consider proposals that address other needs or emergency issues, but first consideration will be given to requests that fit within the four priority areas.

Step 1: You submit aN ONLINE letter of inquiry.

Complete the online Letter of Inquiry. For 2015, the LOI deadlines are:

March 2 at 5 p.m.

September 1 at 5 p.m.

  • Submit one comprehensive request per year.
  • You may submit your LOI at any time throughout the year. The deadlines ensure we have enough time to review your LOI and provide you with feedback.
  • This is your opportunity to provide us with a "snapshot" of your request. While you do need to provide all the information requested, don't worry if it feels incomplete. We'll ask for more details when we need them.
  • Someone from our Community Investment team will reach out to you within two weeks with information about your next steps.

Online Letter of Inquiry

Step 2: We review your Letter of inquiry.

Our team will:

  • Review LOIs monthly;
  • Follow up by phone or email, which may result in an in-person meeting or site visit.
  • Let you know if your inquiry is moving forward to a formal grant application.

Step 3: You Complete the online grant application.

Complete the online grant application by the date we give you when the application is opened in our system. Our team is here to help you through this process. Don't be afraid to ask for help or advice.

Step 4: We review Your Grant Application.

Your grant application is reviewed by our team to ensure it:

  • Aligns with our community investment priorities and strategy
  • Includes expected outcomes for the community

We also consider your organization's strengths and vulnerabilities.

Step 5: Final Grant Decisions are Made.

A final decision about your grant is made. Your organization may receive full or partial funding, or in some cases we may decline to fund your project. Our team will:

  • Inform you of the decision made about your grant
  • If approved, provide you with a Grant Agreement

Step 6: You sign the Grant agreement and we mail your grant check.

After the Grant Agreement is signed and returned to us, a grant check will be mailed shortly thereafter.