The W.E. Upjohn Society

Dr. W.E. Upjohn, founder of The Upjohn Pill and Granule Company, gave the original gift that established the Kalamazoo Community Foundation and a legacy of investing in Kalamazoo County. That single act quite literally laid the foundation for us to bring out the best in ourselves and in others. That single act has become central to a community legacy of philanthropy that defines our capacity to effectively address the challenges of the day.

The W.E. Upjohn Society is our way of acknowledging our donors' unique charitable legacies and their generosity in giving gifts that will benefit Kalamazoo County forever.

Members of The W.E. Upjohn Society include donors who have established an endowed fund; created an Advised Fund, whether endowed or not; established a charitable gift annuity; or designated the Community Foundation as the recipient of a planned gift.

We are fortunate Dr. Upjohn created a foundation designed to grow and change along with our community, and we sincerely thank the members of The W.E. Upjohn Society for preserving the legacy of investing in our community started by Dr. Upjohn so many years ago.

To learn more about becoming a member of The W.E. Upjohn Society, please contact a member of our Donor Relations team. Click on the link below for their contact information.

Our Donor Relations Team


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