Be part of our work

There are many ways for you to be part of the community and our work.


Giving to the Community Foundation is just one. Your gifts to our Love Where You Live Fund, which addresses the community’s greatest needs, become part of a permanent endowment, which means they benefit Kalamazoo County forever. 

If you’re interested in a special area of need, you can give to one of our focused Love Where You Live Funds:

  • Love Where You Live Fund (greatest needs)
  • Economic and Community Development Fund
  • Education and Learning Fund
  • Environment Fund
  • Health Fund
  • Housing Fund
  • Individuals and Families Fund
  • Youth Development Fund
  • Partners in Education Scholarship Fund 

Give Now

In 2016, donors gave the Community Foundation gifts totaling $23 million, ranging in size from $8 to $8 million. Donors also created 23 new funds, bringing the total number of funds held here to 864.

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We make community investments in quality programs we believe will make Kalamazoo County a place where every person can reach full potential. In 2016, nonprofits in our community and beyond received grants and distributions totaling $13.1 million from Advised, Designated, Field-of-Interest and Unrestricted Funds. 

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In addition to our grantmaking to nonprofit organizations, we provide Kalamazoo-area students with scholarships for higher education. The scholarships are used at two- or four-year colleges and universities, trade and technical schools, and for professional development opportunities. In 2016, Kalamazoo-area students received 334 scholarships totaling $1.1 million to continue their education. 

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When the Arcus Foundation gifted us our building in 2014, we all agreed it should be a space designed to inspire collaboration and welcome the community. In 2016, meeting spaces at the Community Foundation were used on 106 separate occasions by 1,865 people from 52 unique organizations, at no cost to them. 

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In addition to being part of our physical community, we’re part of virtual, social media communities. We use our social media to share information about our work and connect with you. In 2016, 1,165 new people joined our social media communities. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Vimeo

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