Christopher Terkos is Kalamazoo

Christopher Terkos | Photo by Robert Neumann

“I had a difficult upbringing regarding my sexual orientation,” says Christopher Terkos. “There was zero support and I knew being out would mean being disowned by my family.” 

This is just one reason why Terkos, a branch manager for PNC Bank who serves on the board of OutFront Kalamazoo, likes how the Community Foundation is supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning youth. 

 “I grew up in a rural community, without resources, so I know how valuable those resources are,” he says. “They can be lifesaving.”

While Terkos supports the Community Foundation’s LGBT Equality Fund — one of only a few charitable funds in the State of Michigan dedicated solely to promoting equality for LGBTQ people — he’s also a champion for the Community Foundation’s unrestricted Love Where You Live Fund

He finds it appealing that the Love Where You Live Fund brings people together, pooling resources to make giving accessible and maximize impact. 

“The Community Foundation was more accessible than I first realized,” he says. “In fact, I ended up giving my first gift to the Love Where You Live Fund by text at its 2015 Giving Tuesday event at Bell’s.” 

Now, Terkos says, because he and KZCF share the same goal for the community — that it will be one where every person can reach full potential — he’s set up an automatic monthly gift. “I know my dollars are supporting the community’s greatest needs now and going for long-term good,” he says. “I encourage other people to do it so their gifts can do the most good too.

 “The whole community benefits from KZCF’s work and partnerships with donors and nonprofits. It sets us apart from other communities,” he adds. “Love where you live says it all.”

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