Spirit of Community Funds

Sundial at Celery Flats, Portage | Photo by Robert Neumann

Gifts to our Spirit of Community Funds are a lasting, powerful way for you to help create a community where every person can reach full potential. They provide the ultimate in flexibility, ensuring there will be resources tomorrow for needs we can't even imagine today. 

Spirit of Community Fund

We use this fund to address current community needs, and invest in the work of organizations that are collaborating with others to make long-term, transformative change.

Economic and Community Development Fund

The Economic and Community Development Fund provides resources for neighborhood revitalization projects, as well as support for small businesses, job training and other programs to help the greater Kalamazoo area develop and sustain a rich and dynamic local economy.

Education and Learning Fund

Community investments from the Education and Learning Fund support efforts that help people prepare young children for school and give all children equitable opportunities for success.

Environment Fund

The Environment Fund supports initiatives that preserve and protect Kalamazoo County's natural environment.

Health Fund

Community investments from the Health Fund support programs that provide people — especially those without insurance and those who cannot afford health care—with access to the care and services they need.

Housing Fund

The Housing Fund supports programs that provide safe and affordable housing to individuals and families in our community.

Individuals and Families Fund

Community investments made from the Individuals and Families Fund support efforts that help community members meet their basic human needs: food, clothing, shelter and care.

Youth Development Fund

The Youth Development Fund supports programs that develop the leadership and citizenship skills of young people.

Partners in Education Scholarship Fund

The Partners in Education Scholarship Fund provides academic scholarships to Kalamazoo County high school students pursuing their educational goals at Michigan colleges and universities.

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