About the Community Foundation

Kalamazoo Community Foundation was established in 1925 with a gift of $1,000 from one couple, W.E. and Carrie ("Carol") Upjohn, who had a vision of a better community. Today we are one of the oldest, most respected and successful community foundations in the country, and are supported by thousands of people from all walks of life.

KZCF provides essential funding to programs that ensure all of our children have an equitable chance for success in school, that nurture and prepare all of our young people for life beyond school, that support individuals and families from all walks of life, that enhance community prosperity in every corner of Kalamazoo County, and make life better for all. 

We have an in-depth understanding of the community’s challenges and needs, and the groups and individuals addressing them. We are dedicated to preserving what we've come to appreciate most in our community for future generations.

We are here to do good work, forever.


Our Core Values

Our work at the Kalamazoo Community Foundation is guided by seven core values.

Centering Anti-Racism & Equity
We use anti-racism and equity analyses to advance practices that interrupt racism and identify root causes that drive disparities in our community.

Advancing Racial Justice
We seek and use proactive strategies to dismantle white supremacy and systemic racism within philanthropy, public policy, and our community  especially when it challenges us most.

Cultivating Transformative Relationships
Relationships are what keep us engaged, sustained, and hopeful. Without authentic relationship, we do not thrive.  

Nurturing Healing & Love
We learn from the wounds of the past, tell the truth, prioritize understanding, and build authentic relationships to move toward a shared vision of justice. 

Serving the Greater Good
We engage people-centered decision-making that minimizes harm. Our decisions are grounded in integrity, honesty, and transparency. 

Learning & Growing
Our best work happens when we are committed to continuously learning and evolving. 

Embracing Joy
Joy takes us beyond the limitations of survival and is at the center of a re-imagined, prosperous, and loving community. 


Our Story

On its own, one can seem powerless. But when one is added to another, there is power in one.

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