Our Anti-Racist Identity

The Kalamazoo Community Foundation believes structural racism perpetuates the inequalities that threaten the well being of our community. To signal to the entire community that we are committed to eliminating those inequalities and eliminating racism, our board of trustees in the fall of 2010 passed a resolution officially declaring the Community Foundation an anti-racist organization.

What it Means

Through our work with Eliminating Racism and Claiming/Celebrating Equality (ERACCE), a local organization whose mission is to eliminate racism in Southwest Michigan, we have learned that claiming an anti-racist identity means our organization:

  • Recognizes racism as a barrier to the effective delivery of its mission;
  • Makes a formal commitment to dismantle racism and inherent white advantage;
  • Intentionally engages strategies that develop a shared understanding of systematic racism across all levels of the institution;
  • Demonstrates growing awareness of how white power and privilege have been institutionalized within the institution and how inherent white advantage can shape the issues the organization seeks to address;
  • Intentionally authorizes and supports the development of durable anti-racist institutional leadership capacity to dismantle racism and create effective anti-racist multicultural diversity, equity and justice;
  • Identifies and collaborates with other organizations doing anti-racism work in the community; and
  • Develops processes of shared leadership and inclusive decision making that are accountable to the people — particularly people and communities of color — who are most directly affected by the issues at hand and/or under review.

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