Our Diversity Policy

The Kalamazoo Community Foundation's mission is to make life better for all through leadership and stewardship of resources that last forever. Its ability to achieve this mission and to foster a commitment to excellence can best be pursued with a governing body, work force, grantees, donors and partners that include individuals of diverse backgrounds, beliefs and perspectives.

The Kalamazoo Community Foundation believes diversity encompasses, but is not limited to, ethnicity, race, age, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, national origin, economic background/circumstances, physical and/or mental abilities, veteran status, marital status, resident immigration status, and philosophy/religion.

The Kalamazoo Community Foundation respects and celebrates diversity that contributes to a healthy, caring community. The Community Foundation commits its resources to change in ways that signal to groups with diverse cultures, philosophies and experiences that they are welcome partners in its efforts.

Governance and Administration

The Kalamazoo Community Foundation is committed to fostering an organization that respects and appreciates diversity in its many forms as defined above. To that end:

  • The board of trustees will seek community leaders who will bring diversity and varying points of view and life experiences to the board.
  • It will hire staff that reflects the broad diversity of the community and will provide all staff members with an opportunity to maximize the use of their work-related skills and talents.
  • It will retain a diverse group of product and service vendors to work with the Community Foundation and will strive to select product and service vendors committed to promoting a diverse workplace.

Community Partners

The Kalamazoo Community Foundation values organizations within our community that are committed to promoting the broad diversity of Kalamazoo County. It will seek grantees and partners that incorporate diversity into their missions and strive to encourage diverse governance boards, partner organizations and served constituencies wherever practicable. Toward this end, it will seek to assure that its grantmaking activities reflect and promote the diversity of the community.


In order to achieve the highest standards in all its activities, it is important that the Community Foundation benefits from the perspectives of many different segments of the community. Toward this end, it seeks to collaborate with donors of varying means and interests and will together with donors seek to promote a healthy, caring community.

The Kalamazoo Community Foundation believes its effectiveness is enhanced when individuals with diverse backgrounds and perspectives are engaged throughout its organization. It believes that a more diverse philanthropic community, and one that reaches out to all, will result in richer and more responsive philanthropy that better meets the needs of the community.

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