Meet Our Board and Team

Here at KZCF we are a team of people who love where we live and love what we do. We give back to Kalamazoo County by investing in people and programs that will help create a community where every person can reach full potential.

Our board of trustees provides guidance for our grantmaking and community leadership. Our trustees donate their time, energy and expertise to help us identify opportunities for community impact and address community needs.

Our staff works with donors, nonprofits and community members to make a meaningful impact on Kalamazoo County. It includes skilled professionals in community investment, donor relations, finance, administration, scholarship, human resources and marketing communications.

Board of Trustees

  Hon. Carolyn Williams
Mary Harper
Vice Chairperson
Jim Escamilla
Dr. Jorge Gonzalez
Si Johnson
  Sydney Parfet
Frank Sardone
Amy Upjohn
  Von Washington, Jr.

Leadership and Governance


Carrie Pickett-Erway
269.585.7257 /
  Terry Cropper
Executive Assistant to the CEO
269.585.7269 /

Community Investment

Candice Atwater  
Community Investment Coordinator
269.585.7254 /

Sandy Barry-Loken  
Interim Vice President, Community Investment
269.585.7263 /



Kari Benjamin Hamann  
Community Investment Manager
269.585.7242 /

David Feaster  
Community Investment Officer
269.585.7266 /

Jennifer Heymoss
Community Investment Officer
269.585.7273 /

Kururama Masomere

Community Investment Officer
269.585.7256 /

Garrett Sander
Youth Advisory Council Manager
269.585.7238 /

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Elena Mireles-Hill
Director, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
269.585.7237 /

Donor Relations

Joanna Donnelly Dales
Vice President, Donor Relations
269.585.7260 /

  Carla Fernández-Soto
Database Manager
269.585.7247 /
Beth Gregory-Wallis
Donor Relations Officer
269.585.7245 / 

Julie Loncharte
Donor Relations Officer
269.585.7270 /

Valerie Mitchell  
Donor Relations Coordinator
269.585.7253 /
  Sharayl Moore
Development Officer
Cindy Trout
Donor Relations Officer

Finance and Administration

Sue Bos
Performance Excellence Manager
269.585.7241 /

Kelly Campbell  
Finance Manager
269.585.7259 / 

Stacey Charron-Milnikel
Receptionist/Office Assistant
269.381.4416 / 
  Kallista Fernanders
Finance Manager, Accounting
269.585.7265 /

Christa Hauke

Accounts Payable/Facilities
269.585.7249 /
Rhonda McGee

Information Systems Manager
269.585.7261 /

Lina Mwema
Finance Coordinator, Grantmaking
269.585.7243 /

Karen Racette
269.585.7246 /

Susan Springgate
Vice President, Finance and Administration
269.585.7240 /

Breanne Stokes
Receptionist/Office Assistant
269.381.4416 /

Human Resources

Erycka Hunter 
Director, Human Resources
269.585.7264 / 

Marketing Communications

Sarah Lee
Director, Marketing Communications
269.381.4416 /
Jordan Duckens
Communications Officer
269.585.7262 /

Tim Smolenski
Marketing & Events Officer
269.585.7268 /



Laura Galaviz
Donor Relations Officer - Scholarship
269.585.7239 / 

Nancy Timmons
Scholarship Coordinator
269.585.7258 /

Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation

Sholanna Lewis
Director, Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation (TRHT)
269.585.7268 /

Emily Olivares
Coordinator, Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation (TRHT)
269.585.7271 /

Frances Vicioso
Coordinator, Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation (TRHT)
269.381.4416 /

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