The Learning Network of
Greater Kalamazoo

After six years of serving as a county-wide education collaborative for pre-kindergarten through adult literacy, The Learning Network of Greater Kalamazoo has brought its work to an end.

The Learning Network was launched in 2011 with a vision to create a community where every student can reach full learning potential and a mission to achieve this goal by connecting excellent educators to a caring and engaged community. The Kalamazoo Community Foundation served as The Learning Network's anchor entity.

The leadership council of The Learning Network made the decision to cease operations at its June 2017 meeting based on a combination of challenges facing the initiative: lack of long-term financial sustainability, slow progress due to complexity and scale, and limited overall impact.

One clear legacy of The Learning Network is that resources do, indeed, enhance collaboration. However, this experience also highlighted the challenge of measuring collective impact and how funding alone cannot solve our greatest challenges.

The Community Foundation is proud to have been part of this work and is grateful to those who were part of The Learning Network's staff, to each of its partner organizations, and the many individuals who invested in its work in a variety of ways.

Final Evaluation Report

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