KZCF: Then and now

Workers at The Upjohn Company in the 1920s

A few things have changed since the Community Foundation was born in 1925.


For much of our 90 year history, while our work was visible and accessible throughout the community, our office was practically invisible. From 1925 until 1973 we were tucked away at The Upjohn Company – the company co-founded by brothers Henry and W.E. Upjohn, who provided us with our very first gift. Then, until September 2014, we were ensconced on the third floor of the Comerica Building on South Rose Street in downtown Kalamazoo.


We have a visible, accessible, permanent home at 402 East Michigan Avenue, on the edge of Kalamazoo’s Edison neighborhood. When the Arcus Foundation provided us with the transformative gift of this building, we partnered with experts in workplace innovation to design a space that enhances our work. We wanted a welcoming space that inspires collaboration amongst our team and with the community. We have several meeting spaces that nonprofit organizations and other partners are welcome to use, at no cost to them. 

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