KZCF: Then and now

A few things have changed since the Community Foundation was born in 1925.


In 1925, a committee of five community leaders — Alfred Connable, Elias Hoekstra, Edward Desenberg, Harold Upjohn (pictured top left) and William Lawrence Sr. — guided the activities of the Community Foundation. Early lead administrators performed their tasks as additional duties to regular jobs and had the title of secretary, beginning with Earl Weber, who served for nearly three decades. There would be acting secretaries such as Richard Light, Harold Allen and Merrill Taylor, until Howard Kalleward became Executive Secretary in 1967 and led the organization for two decades. In the 1990s, following Kalleward, our leaders became known as President/CEO and include: Dr. Jack Hopkins, Dr. Juan Olivarez and Don VanderKooy (as Interim President/CEO).


Carrie Pickett-Erway, pictured above, is our President/CEO (the first woman to serve in this role) and we are governed by a seven-member board of trustees: Si Johnson, chairperson; Frank Sardone, vice chairperson; Jim Escamilla; Barbara James; Amy Upjohn; Hon. Carolyn Williams; and Dr. Eileen Wilson-Oyelaran. Our trustees represent diverse community interests and, as trustees have since 1925, donate their time, energy and expertise to help us identify opportunities for long-term community impact, respond appropriately when unforeseen challenges arise, and address community needs.

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