Request For Proposal: Strategic Planning for the Kalamazoo Community Foundation

The Kalamazoo Community Foundation is seeking an experienced strategic planning consultant to design and facilitate a participatory planning process that will create an equity-centered five-year strategic plan for the organization.

About the Kalamazoo Community Foundation
Kalamazoo Community Foundation (KZCF), established in 1925, has the vision of Kalamazoo County being the most equitable place to live, with a strategic focus on racial, social and economic justice for all.

KZCF’s diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) journey began in early 2000s. As a philanthropic institution, KZCF has learned a lot and adapted to meet the needs of the community. However, KZCF has a long way to go and recognize the need to make significant changes on how we operate in order to realize our vision.

Planning Needs
We are currently working from a document that we began drafting in 2020. The strategic plan is currently drafted using the Theory of Change 5 Dimensions of Impact framework (Impact, Outcomes, Outputs, Activities, Input). We are seeking a consultant who can help us center community input to strengthen our strategies and align our plan across the organization to inform our operations for the next 5 years.

We want a process that ensures the core values of KZCF are embedded in the process, recommendations, and reports. The process will also include the organization’s staff, board and key stakeholders, and create a map for the next stage of our organization’s journey. The level of detail in the map will be determined during the planning process. The consultant will report to and maintain regular progress updates with the President’s Office, specifically the CEO/President and Executive Assistant to ensure timely completion of the project.

Below is a list of requirements we would need incorporated into the strategic planning process:

  • Collate everything we have discussed, written, feedback provided on current strategic plan and put it into a cohesive written document (both narrative long form and summary).
  • Coordinate the development and support or lead community engagement to gather input and feedback on strategic plan (KZCF will identify stakeholders). Each functional area may have a different approach and may want to lead or delegate the process.
  • Develop and lead engagement with internal cross-functional teams to gather input and plans on strategic priorities and proposed outcomes, after receiving community input.
  • Document the feedback provided by community and cross functional teams.
  • Make recommendations to revise the strategic plan based on feedback and input received from community and cross functional teams.
  • Identify and recommend work pace overview and re-assessment timeline for each portion of the strategic plan based on feedback.
Consultant Qualifications
We are looking for a consultant who will help us design the planning process and will then facilitate the planning process (As soon as possible through September). The consultant will be working with board members, staff and key stakeholders who are deeply invested in manifesting the organization’s vision to coalesce diverse perspectives and input toward an aligned plan and direction.

Additional and important qualifications of a consultant would be a working analysis and application of racial equity, anti-racist, and racial justice frameworks. As these are part of our commitments and growing aspirations as an organization, we seek a consultant who can journey with us in aligning our work with these values. The consultant must have a minimum of 5 years of experience or more organizing and leading strategic planning work in the nonprofit sector, experience with philanthropy preferred.

Response Requested
If you are interested in being considered for this work, please submit a proposal by the new extended deadline of March 8, 2021 that encompass the following:
  • A brief (1-2 page) statement of your qualifications (a resume or bio is fine) with 2 to 3 references.
  • Your availability to undertake this project and your hourly/project rate.
  • Your approach to strategic planning and how you will incorporate existing strategic planning work that has been done.
We will review responses and reach out to you directly for any follow up clarification questions. If you have any clarifying questions and/or to submit your response to this RFP, please contact Terry Cropper at

Click here for PDF version of the RFP. Please note the new extended deadline is Monday, March 8, 2021.


Frequently Asked Questions (Updated 3/1/21)

Questions from interested candidates and responses will be shared here to ensure everyone who is interested in submitting a proposal has the same information.

  • Do you have a budget range to share?
    • Our budget range is $20,000 - $30,000 for this RFP project.
  • What is your definition of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI)?
    • Since its beginning in 1925, KZCF has held that the dignity of each person is paramount, and that dignity is something to be protected. We also believe the greater Kalamazoo area draws its spirit, vitality and character from the increasingly diverse mix of people who live and work in our community. We recognize that the future strength of our community rests firmly on our commitment to value, respect and embrace diversity. To learn more about our policies and DEI journey, check out more supplemental reading here on our website.
  • Are you seeking support to vet an existing plan with key audiences and cite potential revisions OR are you requesting support to initiate and develop a new plan?
    • We are seeking support to vet an existing plan with key audiences and cite potential revisions.
  • RFP deadline extension: Monday, March 8, 2021.
    • In an effort to have a broader pool of proposals for review, we have extended the RFP deadline to Monday, March 8, 2021.

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