Community Foundation announces scholarship recipients for 2012

photo of happy diverse studentsThe Kalamazoo Community Foundation’s scholarship program each year helps hundreds of students who live or go to school in Kalamazoo and Van Buren Counties pursue their educational goals. Congratulations to these students who received scholarships from the Kalamazoo Community Foundation for the first time in 2012, and thank you to the generous donors who established the Scholarship Funds that are enabling these students to pursue their
educational goals.

Bernard Family Tennis Scholarship

  • Janie Sell  Ferris State University
  • Darren VanMeekeren  Kalamazoo Valley Community College

Bhargava Family Scholarship

  • Alison Butler  The Ohio State University
  • Elizabeth Crandell  Cornerstone University
  • Grady Sertic  Brown University

Bob Block Memorial Scholarship

  • Riley Lundquist  Kalamazoo College

Grace J. Calvin Scholarship

  • Mariah Boss  Siena Heights University
  • Katelyn Colvin  Lake Michigan College
  • Jonathan Standeford  Western Michigan University
  • Ashley Thon  Lake Michigan College

Ronald C. Cavanaugh Memorial Scholarship

  • Emily Spencer  Western Michigan University

George L. Disborough Trout Unlimited Research Grant

  • Rachael Guth  Northern Michigan University
  • Anthony Matthys  Michigan Technological University

Nancy Niles Donovan Scholarship

  • Daryl Kuipers  Michigan State University

Enhancement Ministries Scholarship

  • Corrina Edmonson  Western Michigan University
  • Karissa Hawley University of Michigan

Brady & Patrick Gallagher Memorial Scholarship

  • Jordan Swope  University of Michigan

James W. & Thelma Garside Scholarship

  • Amanda Haase  Southwestern Michigan College
  • Alex Murphy  Kalamazoo Valley Community College
  • Lam To  Western Michigan University

Frank and Hildegarde Goodrich Family Scholarship

  • Samuel Bultman  Western Michigan University

Benjamin & Cherie Gubin Scholarship

  • David Schrock  University of Michigan School of Medicine

High On Heroes Scholarship

  • Hannah Brinkman  St. Mary’s College
  • Aliah Dingwell  Spring Arbor University
  • Johanna Huss  Hope College
  • John Pinto  Carnegie Mellon University

Jean Hunse Scholarship

  • Jeremy Renda  Western Michigan University

Derek Jeter Scholarship

  • Paige Maguire  Kalamazoo College
  • Skyler Mills  Grand Valley State University

Junior Golf Scholarship

  • Sydney Heasley  Adrian College
  • Dylan Plachta  DePaul University
  • Celestine Schwartz  University of Michigan
  • Luke Tindall  Calvin College

Communities in Schools/Kalamazoo Public Education Foundation Scholarship

  • Scott Rowley  Ferris State University

Kalamazoo Rotary Scholarship

  • Amber Pollack  Western Michigan University

Kalamazoo Science Foundation Scholarship

  • Jeremy Lantis  Kalamazoo College
  • Elizabeth Lenning  Kalamazoo College

Kreager Family Scholarship

  • Alyssa Allman  Western Michigan University
  • Andre Pueblo  Kalamazoo Valley Community College
  • Hattie Straube  Kendall College of Art and Design
  • Nadja Van Pelt  Kendall College of Art and Design

David & Barbara Kruse Paw Paw Public High School Scholarship

  • Bryan Neterer  Western Michigan University

S. Rudolph Light Medical Education Scholarship

  • Karissa Hawley  University of Michigan School of Nursing
  • David Schrock  University of Michigan School of Medicine
  • Peter VanBeck  University of Michigan School of Dentistry

Ann N. MacGregor Scholarship

  • Marissa Klee-Peregon  Wellesley College
  • Beatriz Wink  University of Michigan

Mildred McConkey Memorial Scholarship

  • Ayaka Abe  Kalamazoo College

Jack Moss Scholarship

  • Sarah Manski  Kalamazoo College
  • Jacob Marshall  Western Michigan University

Montague Myers Scholarship

  • Stephen Fisher  Kalamazoo Valley Community College
  • Hattie Straube  Kendall College of Art and Design
  • Nadja VanPelt  Kendall College of Art and Design

Gail and Hilda Oster Scholarship

  • Steffin Messer  Western Michigan University

Partners in Education Scholarship

  • Amanda Haase  Southwestern Michigan College
  • Kristin Lemmer  Grand Valley State University
  • Rachael Middleton  Western Michigan University
  • Anna Tompkins  Aquinas College
  • Bethany VanderBerg  Kalamazoo Valley Community College

Evelyn Prince Memorial Scholarship

  • Alyssa Allman  Western Michigan University

Clarence L. Remynse Scholarship

  • Emily Berry  Michigan State University
  • Hannah Brinkman  St. Mary’s College
  • Adalynn Brouwer  Calvin College
  • Rebecca Brouwer  Western Michigan University
  • Dylan Brown  University of Michigan
  • Anne Bultman  Calvin College
  • Chelsea Carpentier  Antioch College
  • Kristen Coffman  Hope College
  • Elizabeth Crandell  Cornerstone University
  • Aaron Dean  Western Michigan University
  • Jacob Dean  Western Michigan University
  • Thomas DeHaan  Hope College
  • Lyn Deters  Belmont University
  • Kaitlyn Dziepak  Western Michigan University
  • Brittany Engbers  Hope College
  • Matthew Evans  University of Michigan
  • Sophie Gamez  Columbia University
  • Jared Havenaar  Western Michigan University
  • Skylar Heidema  Hope College
  • Jasmine Johnson  University of Michigan
  • Brennan Kerkstra  Central Michigan University
  • Jacob Kirkendall  Western Michigan University
  • Suzanne Kudwa  Ferris State University
  • Jeremy Lantis  Kalamazoo College
  • Elizabeth Lenning  Kalamazoo College
  • Nathan Maring  Calvin College
  • Nolan Marsh  University of Michigan
  • Justin McLouth  University of Michigan
  • Karl Meinema  Calvin College
  • Meredith Miller  Grand Valley State University
  • Lydia Moyer  Grand Valley State University
  • Alexandra Page  University of Michigan
  • Jasneet Palaha  University of Michigan
  • Elizabeth Penix  Kalamazoo College
  • Brandon Richardson  Hope College
  • Megan Rozeveld  Calvin College
  • Melia Scheck  Western Michigan University
  • Rebecca Sigourney  University of Michigan
  • Carly Siko  Michigan Technological University
  • Jacquelyn Small  Kalamazoo Valley Community College
  • Alayna Smith  Michigan State University
  • Trevor Smith  University of Michigan
  • Alexandra Vizard  St. Mary’s College
  • Darwin Warga Kane  Michigan State University
  • John West  University of Michigan
  • Alicia Williams  Indiana Wesleyan University

Duane Roberts Scholarship

  • Corrina Edmonson  Western Michigan University
  • Andrew Taylor  Western Michigan University

Schwenk Scholarship Fund

  • Ashley Dentler  Alma College

Danial & Joeanna Smith Educational Scholarship

  • Diana McCrumb  Grand Valley State University
  • Faith Potgiesser  Hope College

Glen C. Smith Jr./KCC Caddie Scholarship

  • Bryan Bult  Kalamazoo Valley Community College
  • Nathan Maring  Calvin College
  • Andrew Tennant  Michigan State University

William R. Steers Kalamazoo Community Foundation Scholarship

  • Jesse Marsh-Prelesnik  Albion College

Jim Strehlow Scholarship

  • Chelsey McMann  Kalamazoo Valley Community College

Brian Thiele Memorial Scholarship

  • Brenden Groggel  Elmhurst College

Matthew VanderSalm Memorial Scholarship

  • Brody Stevens  Lake Superior State University

Wade & Clio Van Valkenburg Scholarship

  • Steven Cubbison  Kalamazoo Valley Community College
  • Andrew Taylor  Western Michigan University

John C. Volderauer Scholarship

  • Deonda Robertson  Kellogg Community College

Roy G. Walters Memorial Scholarship

  • Maggie Wenzel  St. Mary’s College

Weber Specialties Company Scholarship

  • Laura Wheeler  Case Western Reserve University

Welch's/National Grape Cooperative Scholarship

  • Lindsey Mroczek  Western Michigan University

Myra P. Whalen Scholarship

  • Alissa Bahr  University of Notre Dame

Edmond B. Woodruff & Beth Woodruff Shipman Memorial Scholarship

  • Madeline Hartlieb  University of Michigan
  • Nathan Murray  Michigan State University

E. Earl Wright Scholarship

  • Justin Renda  Kalamazoo Valley Community College

Melissa Wroblewski Memorial Scholarship

  • Ruby Tanja  The Fashion Institute of Technology

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