Love Where You Live

401 East Michigan Avenue, Kalamazoo | Photo by Robert Neumann

Love where you live. For us this means loving the great State of Michigan...Southwest Michigan...Kalamazoo County.

Where we live you can relax on a sandy beach or hike in a lush forest. You can run a marathon, visit a farmers' market, cheer on professional athletes, play a round of golf, or take in a concert or play. You can sample a tasty offering at a locally-owned winery, micro brewery or eatery. You can discover a new artist at a monthly art event or annual art fair. You can explore an award-winning nature center, museum or library.

Where we live there are farms that feed people around the country, greenhouses that beautify communities near and far, and companies that make medicines and devices that people around the world count on every day.

Where we live is home to the first public high school in the state, nationally-recognized universities and colleges, a revolutionary scholarship program that puts the dream of college within reach for all students, and education initiatives that strive to ensure quality education and learning opportunities for people of all ages.

All of these things make us love living here.

But our community still has needs. At the Kalamazoo Community Foundation, we help people find ways to address these needs and make an impact.

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