Advocacy & Public Policy

In 2017, Kalamazoo Community Foundation (KZCF) expanded its public policy efforts on issues related to equity and education in Kalamazoo County. Philanthropic dollars cannot sufficiently support all of the changes needed for everyone in our community to reach their full potential. So our involvement in public policy works hand-in-hand with philanthropy to create positive change.

KZCF has committed to an approach that includes a continuum of activities from education and building awareness to advocacy for specific legislation. Our efforts are coordinated with local nonprofits to determine how proposed and current public policies affect them and the clients they serve. Our goal is to help amplify the nonprofits’ voices when educating and advocating with elected officials.

KZCF's Public Policy Priorities

  • Early Childhood Education & Care
  • Census 2020
  • Michigan Community Foundation Tax Credit
  • LGBTQ Civil Rights
  • Immigration Reform
To accomplish this, KZCF reached out to agencies closest to the work so we were informed by the community. Then we used letters, emails, phone calls and meetings to build and strengthen relationships with legislative staff and elected officials at the city, county, state and federal levels. In addition, KZCF provided technical assistance and supported the efforts of community partners involved with public policy concerns.

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