Tips for completing your LOI

Here are some tips for completing your letter of inquiry.

  • Our system requires you to complete your LOI in one session. We recommend that you first enter the information into a document you can save on your computer, then copy and paste the information into our online form. You will not be able to save the online form and return to it later. You may also want to print the page before you submit the form.
  • Keep it simple. Clarity and brevity are appreciated.
  • When you answer why the community needs this program or project, highlight the connection between your project and the community.
  • Description of Program/Project is where you provide the details. Questions you'll want to
    answer are:
      • Who and how many people are currently being served?
      • What efforts are you taking to be intentionally inclusive in this program or project?
      • What other funders and funding sources are already committed to this work?
      • What other funders do you plan to approach?

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