We believe programs that advance equity as well as improve education-related outcomes will lead to sustained individual and community prosperity.

When educational and career advancement for adults is supported and achieved, the effects of generational poverty are minimized, which helps neighborhoods and households become more stable. Stable neighborhoods and households improve educational outcomes for children. When children get the support they need to learn and perform at or above grade level, the academic playing field is leveled. We want our community to be one in which all children enter school ready to learn, are supported throughout their academic career and are prepared for life after high school. Likewise, we want our community to be one in which all adults are well-prepared to succeed in the types and highest levels of education they desire to ensure the greatest opportunity for self-determination

We invest in work that:

Addresses the community's current educational needs

Improve educational outcomes for Kalamazoo County's most-marginalized learners by:

  • Reducing disparities in academic performance in reading, writing, math and other disciplines;
  • Increasing educational attainment, leading to increased high school graduation rates, college and career readiness, and adult literacy;
  • Engaging parents and other caregivers as leaders and partners in education; and
  • Developing the social, emotional, developmental and life skills of school-age youth.

Creates long-term solutions

Focus on systemic change and collaborative efforts to reduce disparities and improve community-level educational outcomes by:

  • Increasing access to high-quality pre-kindergarten education and programming that impacts kindergarten readiness;
  • Adapting and improving the education sector through innovative strategies and models;
  • Eliminating bias in disciplinary practices, curriculum and school culture;
  • Supporting education-related advocacy work at the local and state level; and
  • Supporting community-wide initiatives and coalition-based efforts.


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