We have come to a fundamental understanding that to make life better for our community's most-marginalized residents, we must address the underlying issue of inequity.

Equity doesn't mean treating everyone the same. We must consider individual needs and customize efforts to address them. We must change the systems in which inequitable, discriminatory laws, policies and procedures exist. We must ensure people who have been marginalized can live authentically, embracing and celebrating their identities and cultures. For the members of our community who have been marginalized, we must correct imbalances, expand opportunities and improve access to resources, which will make our systems work better for everyone.

We believe organizations from all sectors (e.g. individual and family support, economic and community development, education, youth development) can advance equity in our community. 

We invest in work that:

Addresses current community needs

Improves conditions and/or impacts life trajectories for people who have been marginalized by:

  • Providing basic services like health care, child care, food assistance and housing, and removing barriers and adapting strategies for those who are underserved;
  • Providing job training, leadership and life-skill development opportunities that improve self-sufficiency and self-determination of individuals and families;
  • Supporting grassroots efforts that address unmet community needs; and
  • Helping organizations be more culturally and interculturally competent, equitable and inclusive in policy, procedure/practice and program development.

Creates long-term solutions

Focuses on systemic change and collaborative efforts to reduce disparities and improve community conditions by:

  • Improving effectiveness and coordination of service delivery within a sector;
  • Supporting organizations whose missions are to advance equity through leadership, cultural work and raising awareness of issues of inequity;
  • Supporting equity-related advocacy work at the local and state level, including citizen engagement; and
  • Supporting community-wide initiatives and coalition based efforts that impact community-level outcomes and address root causes.


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