Our Priorities

Kalamazoo Community Foundation's community investment priorities are equity and education.

Kalamazoo County has always been a diverse community and is becoming even more so. According to U.S. Census Bureau data, from 2000 to 2010, the population of people who live in Kalamazoo County and identify with more than one race grew by 61 percent, our Hispanic/Latino population grew by 58 percent, and people of color accounted for 22 percent of Kalamazoo County's population.

However, some of the systems designed to serve our community's residents were not designed to serve all residents equitably. This creates disparities – some people thriving and some people struggling even as they make every effort to thrive themselves. Disparities exist because within systems there are inequitable laws, policies and procedures that were created or unintentionally evolved to benefit some people and disadvantage others. There are members of our community who struggle to meet their basic needs because they are regularly affected by those laws, policies and procedures, creating cyclical and generational issues and disparities.

Our vision is a community where every person can reach full potential. We believe equity with an emphasis on education is a pathway to making this vision a reality.

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