What You Can Expect

Here's what you can expect from us when you give a gift of any kind or size to the Kalamazoo Community Foundation.


We have been helping people love where they live and support the community needs that matter most to them since 1925 and we will continue to do so forever.


We possess an unparalleled base of knowledge and connections built through nearly a century of community involvement and leadership. We apply this knowledge to ensure your gift is used as you intend, and that the needs and community you care about are supported.


We support Kalamazoo County nonprofits addressing immediate community needs, as well as those collaborating with others to create long-term, transformative change.

Whether you have a crystal clear concept of what you hope to accomplish with your gift, or only an idea that is just beginning to take shape, we can help. It only takes a simple phone call or email to set up a time to talk with a member of our Donor Relations team. We're happy to welcome you to our office in downtown Kalamazoo or meet you somewhere that is convenient and comfortable for you.

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