Scholarships for College Undergraduate and Graduate Students

The following scholarships are offered by the Kalamazoo Community Foundation to Kalamazoo County college undergraduate and graduate students.

  • George L. Disborough Trout Unlimited Research Grant
  • Nancy C. Niles Donovan Scholarship
  • Enhancement Ministries Scholarship
  • Benjamin and Cherie Gubin Scholarship
  • High on Heroes Scholarship
  • Jean Hunse Scholarship
  • Kalamazoo Science Foundation Scholarship
  • S. Rudolph Light Medical Education Scholarship
  • Ann N. MacGregor Scholarship
  • The Montague Myers Scholarship
  • Duane Roberts Memorial Scholarship
  • Peter and Inez Schonveld Scholarship
  • Wade and Clio Van Valkenburg Scholarship
  • John C. Volderauer Scholarship
  • Weber Specialties Company Scholarship
  • E. Earl Wright Scholarship

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