The legislation that established our country perpetuates the flawed belief in a hierarchy of human value. From federal and state constitutions to criminal and civil laws, our nation’s practices and policies are derived from this deeply problematic approach. To institute a new approach, we must address the criminal justice system, how it is enforced at local and state levels, and the harm the justice system causes in communities. Our team is focused on repairing unjust harm and creating systems that divert individuals from incarceration.

We believe embracing a system of law that reflects our common humanity, the dignity of all people, and our commitment to civil and human rights is possible. We cherish the value of full civic participation and seek to expand opportunities for civic engagement in Kalamazoo County. Our team supports efforts to incorporate equity into civic systems, voting rights and voter education. We aim to achieve these efforts through policy change, community awareness campaigns, convening and grantmaking.

Learn more about our efforts bring equity to the justice system and civil rights in Michigan.

The criminal justice system should reflect a commitment to equal treatment, accountability, fairness and transparency, ensuring all individuals feel safe and secure in their communities.

  • The Kalamazoo County Government must adopt, collect, and utilize a transparent data system and process during police involvement and arrests (CCJT/ALPACT).
  • The Kalamazoo County Government should reform its policies and procedures regarding the treatment of minors and the distribution of resources made available to them. In alignment with this, Kalamazoo County should provide minors with a resource center that can provide referrals to youth development organizations. By doing this, we can divert arrests and pre-charge diversions.
  • We support local, state and federal legislative solutions to reduce gun violence in our community.

The civic health of Kalamazoo is critical to our success and all citizens in the community should be enabled and empowered to participate in public discourse and decision making.

  • Public decision-making must be informed by the community and the public should be encouraged to participate in civic life.
  • Attacks or attempts to limit the civil rights of individuals in our community must be prevented, especially for community members who have been historically excluded, including Black, Indigenous and People of Color, people with disabilities, women, and LGBTQIA+ people.