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Gabriel Giron

, TRHT Leadership Team

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Gabriel Giron is a multi-award winning, national keynote speaker and poet who has dedicated his life to helping others heal themselves through the art of writing, conscious communication and the practice of mindfulness.

Gabriel is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Speak It Forward, Inc a non-profit dedicated to, “Using the power of the arts and mindfulness to uplift and empower underserved populations through conscious community building, grassroots organizing, and by actively opposing systematic injustice to create a more connected and equitable community.” He is also the Founder and CEO of Mindfulness Over Matter and a lead facilitator with TRHT (Truth Racial Healing and Transformation) Kalamazoo.

Through overcoming obstacles and using them to elevate himself, Gabriel has learned the power and value of connecting with others through honesty and vulnerability and how words have the ability to unite, transform and inspire others. He loves learning and teaching and has come to believe that the path of personal growth is not one walked alone but traveled on together as part of a conscious community.

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