If you are an attorney, accountant, financial planner, insurance agent and other professional, we consider you to be our partners in the charitable giving process.

We are a local organization with almost a century of community knowledge, so we have a unique understanding of our community's needs and the many ways your clients can make an impact.

We are a resource for you so your clients understand the ways they can support the community they love.

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Supporting clients and community during a bear market

People in Kalamazoo County (and across the country) are worried about the current bear market. When your clients reach out about their concerns, providing reassurance can help them prioritize what's most important and set up smart strategies as they—and our community—weather uncertainty.

What's happening with inherited IRAs?

Charitable contributions could help your clients make the most of new rules restricting the timeline for inherited IRA withdrawals.

Bouquets of flowers in vases at the Kalamazoo Farmer's Market. Text reads: How are millennials

Learn the best techniques to help your millennial clients with estate planning and planned giving. Read more.

How could upcoming "sunsets" impact your clients' philanthropy?

In August's featured article, we share updates on legislative tax provisions, SECURE 2.0 and long-term strategies that are mutually beneficial for your clients and the community. Read more.