Our Approach to Grantmaking

Our grantmaking priorities are Equity and Education. We believe in the ability of organizations from all sectors to advance equity in our community.

Systems were created without consideration of many identities and communities in Kalamazoo County. As a result, some groups in our community face extraordinary barriers to the resources needed to live a healthy, safe and prosperous life.

This reality calls out for us to reimagine our work with a deep focus on racial equity and racial justice. Together, we can address the most urgent issues in our community.

To guide our grantmaking, we utilize the tools of Trust-Based Philanthropy, an approach focused on addressing the inherent power imbalance between funders, partners and the community.

Grantmaking Process

Below is an overview of KZCF's grantmaking process. For more information, please review our 2023 Grantmaking Guide. We strongly encourage grant seekers to review the Grantmaking Guide prior to submitting a request.

Submit An Online Grant Request

Note: To be considered for Multi-Year Funding, indicate your interest in the Grant Request. For more information on our Multi-Year Funding priorities, review the Grantmaking Guide.

Your Grant Request Is Reviewed

Grant Decisions Are Communicated

Partnership with KZCF

If we fund your request, you can expect the following:

Not sure if your organization is eligible for grant funding?

Review our eligibility and demographic data collection requirements.

Already a KZCF grant recipient?

View your previous grant requests by using the button below or the Grantee Portal at the top of this page to login to your Agency Profile or click here: Go to Grantee Portal.

If you received your first grant in or after 2020, your agency has not been set up with a login. You can reach out to Kari Benjamin Hamann to get set up, or we can send you your previous request(s) in PDF.

Looking for more funding options such as sponsorships and request for proposals?

Visit our More Funding Opportunities page here.