You should know what to expect on your giving journey. Whether you have a clear idea of your goals, or only an idea just beginning to take shape, the Philanthropic Services & Development Team at the Kalamazoo Community Foundation can help. Here's what you can expect when working with us:


For nearly a century, we've helped individuals and families show love to their community. Contributions of all kinds and sizes will benefit our community for generations to come.


Our organization possesses an unparalleled base of knowledge about the people and issues facing Kalamazoo County. We apply these connections to ensure your gift is used to make the biggest impact possible.


We support Kalamazoo County nonprofits addressing immediate community needs, as well as those collaborating with others to create long-term, transformative change.

Kalamazoo Community Foundation has many options for giving. Whether you give now or later, your gift makes a difference here.