Turn your community vision into reality with an Impact Investment from the Kalamazoo Community Foundation (KZCF).

As an organization or business in southwest Michigan, you may qualify for an Impact Investment from KZCF. Our Impact Investments are a special financing option with added flexibility and ease focused on advancing transformational projects that support a more equitable Kalamazoo community.

Investment Highlight: Affordable Housing in Edison

photos of the Creamery Project building and childcare center

Impact Investments from KZCF have brought bold visions such as The Creamery project in the Edison neighborhood to life. Opened in 2021, the project provides 48 apartments, 38 of which are for low- and middle-income people. In addition, it includes a YWCA 24-hour child care center to meet the demands of today's workforce and a small business accelerator.

How it Works

Easily apply for funding:

Apply with a simplified application. Our simplified application process is designed to be inclusive, and to address barriers often in place at traditional financial institutions.

Get low interest rates with flexible terms:

Our financing is often offered below market rates and with flexible terms designed to meet your project's need.

Invest in community growth:

These impact investments are purposefully designed to help you make transformational change toward equity and racial equity in our area. We prioritize opportunities to make transformational change toward equity and address some of Kalamazoo County's greatest opportunities for growth.

OUR IMPACT INVESTMENT PRIORITIES We offer loans and investments in projects and programs that seek to: Advance housing equity Community development projects that create affordable and equitable housing opportunities within Kalamazoo County. Build and sustain a just and inclusive economy Economic development projects that connect Kalamazoo’s communities of color to employment and wealth building opportunities. Support infrastructure development for nonprofits Construction and improvement of nonprofit spaces to increase or improve access and programming. OUR INVESTMENT PARTNERSHIPS Direct Lending Lending to large-scale projects or organizations. Direct loans generally range from $250,000 and above. Example: Gap financing for affordable housing development Lender Partnerships KZCF partners with banks, credit unions and loan funds to facilitate lending to small businesses and organizations. Loans generally range from $25,000 and above. Example: Working capital loan for small businesses. Innovative ideas KZCF is open to proposals and pitches for innovative investment opportunities that that align with our mission. Examples: Equity investments, guarantees, co-operative funding.

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