Iris Salters and Sue Creager

Sue Creager, a nurse who served on the WEC Advisory Committee for several years, first heard about WEC from a patient who had received a grant.

She listened to the woman’s story and thought, "That was me." Like her patient, Sue had pursued her nursing education against great odds. "I could have used help like this woman had received," she reflects. "Once you’ve got hope, you push yourself."

Another committee member, Iris Salters, is now in her sixth year on the WEC Advisory Committee, representing Delta Sigma Theta.

"It’s not just the women who benefit," she says. "It’s the whole community — more productive breadwinners make the community better."

WEC also impacts the next generation, reflects Iris. "If these women succeed, their children will see what their mothers went through to make their lives better."

Iris believes her experience on the WEC Advisory Committee has benefited her more than it has the grant recipients. "Their example gives me an added push in my life to do what I do."

October 2, 2017