The Kalamazoo Community Foundation (KZCF) has been a trusted partner for community members dedicated to leaving a legacy that lasts in Kalamazoo.

KZCF’s ability to provide consistency and reliability to those who desire to give to their favorite local nonprofits is unmatched. Having remained a pillar in the community for nearly 100 years, KZCF has developed unparalleled and far-reaching relationships with nonprofits and community leaders. By developing and nurturing these relationships, KZCF has unique insight into what the greatest needs are in Kalamazoo.

Despite these advantages, we acknowledge that misconceptions about philanthropy and community foundations still abound. As the hub for all things philanthropy in Kalamazoo, we want to dispel some of these misconceptions and encourage everyone to partner with us by establishing a fund at KZCF or giving a gift today!

Misconception: Philanthropy is something only those with wealth can participate in.

Not true! This is one of the most common misconceptions we encounter, and it is often rooted in barriers to education about what philanthropy is. Simply put, philanthropy is the act of promoting the well-being of others. In the philanthropic space, promoting community well-being is often done through donating financial gifts to those in need or volunteering one's time.

Although philanthropy as an institution dates back hundreds of years, it has evolved substantially since then. Anyone who decides to invest their time, talents or financial gifts into promoting the well-being of their community is a philanthropist! As such, financial gifts of $10 and $10,000 are all important. Thankfully, KZCF welcomes both!

Misconception: Starting a fund at KZCF is difficult to do, or at the very least, something not a lot of people do.

Not at all! Did you know that there are hundreds of funds that have been established at KZCF? Additionally, anyone in the community can give to one of these established funds simply by visiting our Give Now page and selecting a fund from the dropdown menu.

If you would like to create your own fund and begin maximizing the reach of your giving, you can contact any member of our Donor Relations team. They can direct you as you complete the process. Depending on the type of fund you would like to establish and what your charitable giving plans are, it can take as little as one day or a few weeks to establish your fund! We work with your timeline.

Misconception: Giving financial gifts directly to a nonprofit is the only way to engage in philanthropy.

Not quite! Although giving financial gifts directly to the nonprofits you love can be a wonderful way to engage in philanthropy, it is not the only way. KZCF can help you develop a more strategic charitable giving plan that allows you to reach your philanthropic goals.

Community foundations were created to funnel wealth back into the communities they serve. As such, community foundations have the resources (relationships, expertise, etc.) to ensure that not only are you giving your gifts to the people in the community that need it most, but that gifts can be distributed consistently each year. When you give a gift to KZCF or establish a fund, you are trusting us to grow your financial gift over time. You gain a strategic partner, local nonprofits receive funding they can depend on and community members get the support they need for their greatest needs.

Visit our giving page to learn more about how you can give a gift today!