Love where you live is a phrase we began using when promoting our 2012 Community Meeting and is one we quickly became known for. It resonated with us as an organization, and with our donors, grantees and the community. So much so that in 2014 we made it our official tagline and recently changed the name of our Spirit of Community Funds to our Love Where You Live Funds. Only the names of the funds are changing; their purposes and how to give to them remain the same.

Giving to our Love Where You Live Funds is a powerful, lasting way for anyone to show their love for our community and be a part of our work. These endowed funds support immediate community needs and efforts that identify and address their root causes. They also ensure we have resources on hand for future needs we can’t even imagine today.

Gifts to our "general" Love Where You Live Fund address the community’s greatest needs. People who are interested in helping address specific areas of need can give to one of our focused Love Where You Live Funds:

  • Love Where You Live Fund (greatest needs)
  • Economic and Community Development
  • Education and Learning
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Housing
  • Individuals and Families
  • Youth Development

Click here to learn more about each fund