Black Wall Street Kalamazoo (BWSK) is a local 501(c)3 nonprofit that was founded in 2018 by Nicole Triplett. They focus on the systemic barriers that hinder Black entrepreneurs’ efforts to ideate and start and sustain local businesses.

Their mission is to be a collaborative initiative to strategically increase the lifespan of the African American dollar within the African American community, through social, marketing, and educational experiences. BWSK works in collaboration with the local community as well as national organizations to support their mission as well as share, collect and leverage resources for the benefit and empowerment of the African American Community. Their vision is to increase the awareness and visibility of Black business within the Kalamazoo community.

BWSK has made a tremendous impact on the Kalamazoo community since its inception, with programming and supports that include a Black Business Expo, Black Business Directory, B.E.T.A. (Black Entrepreneurship Training Program), networking events, Black Business Bootcamp, free business coaching and technical support, business advocacy, a pitch competition and micro-grants.

In addition, BWSK provides timely dissemination of information and resources to its network through its newsletter and social media platforms. Its Facebook group has created a space for Black business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs to showcase their business to over 10,000 active members. It is defined as the go-to source to identify Black business in Kalamazoo.

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