Confident S.O.L.E. (Strengthening Our Ladies in Excellence) is an organization that empowers middle and high school girls to love, trust, and believe in themselves through an intentional curriculum. The six core objectives are:

  • Self-Confidence
  • Academic Success
  • Business and Leadership
  • Public Presentation and Etiquette
  • Financial Management
  • Community and Diversity

Founded in 2017, Confident S.O.L.E. uniquely uses three components to enrich the lives of young girls in Kalamazoo County: enrichment classes, weekly curriculum-based programming and scholarships.

More than 130 girls were impacted during the 2018-2019 academic year and the goal for this academic year is to impact over 200 girls.

Confident S.O.L.E aspires to improve young girls’ perception of themselves by equipping them with essential skills through a variety of classes. As a result of investing in the girls’ inner self, Confident S.O.L.E. expects to see their participants cease the use of drugs and alcohol, decrease the number of teen pregnancies, and perform better academically.

Curriculum-based enrichment educator groups provide mobile programming, which focuses on:

  • relationship skills to build healthy peer relationships,
  • optimistic thinking,
  • personal responsibility, and
  • social awareness

Furthermore, scholarships are available for girls interested in attending summer camps that provide exposure in career exploration, entrepreneurship, business development, and financial literacy.

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