El Concilio, formally the Hispanic American Council, since 1981 has been working since 1981 to achieve success for the Latinx community in Kalamazoo County.

Not only does El Concilio continue providing vital services, but it has also been developing strong partnerships with other organizations and community members, including both leaders and volunteers. Collaborative partnerships include Family Health Center, KCReady4’s, Family and Children's Services, KYD NET, YWCA of Kalamazoo, ISAAC, and many more.

Through its programs, the Council aims to ensure Latinx families and individuals succeed in the areas of education, leadership, cultural enrichment, economic sufficiency and independence. In its efforts to serve the Latinx community, El Concilio encourages learning and education at all stages of its development. The Council is committed to maximizing the potential for success of individuals and families. Its master plan is to make positive impacts in the areas of education, employment, equity and culture.

To this end, La Escuelita Nuevo Horizonte (Preschool) provides young children with bilingual early childhood education. El Concilio’s Academia Azteca’s after-school program focuses on education success, socio-emotional development, and cultural identity development. To increase service accessibility for Latinx families, the Centro Comunitario (community center) continues its advocacy work and the creation of partnerships with supporting organizations throughout Kalamazoo County.

The Latinx community supports El Concilio because its services and programs are improving the lives of families. The Council believes that working together in unity leads to eliminating challenges and creating greater opportunities for the Latinx community of Kalamazoo County.

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