Imagine a world without music! This is the reality for many talented youth living in under-resourced communities who have never touched, handled or played a musical instrument.

The Helen L. Fox Gospel Music Center is committed to changing the inequity that exists within the urban and under-served communities where access to music education is another path to building life skills and overall success. Research has shown that playing an instrument can improve reading and comprehension skills, math skills, and language skills. Even within the public school system, the opportunities to learn a musical instrument are limited. This program creates access to music education in a world where budgets often fall short. Music education should be more than a luxury for those with means.

The Helen L. Fox Gospel Music Center is named for Helen L. Fox, who was a Kalamazoo community icon that dedicated her life to community service and provided music education as part of that service, teaching piano lessons to students at a cost they could afford. Funding for the HLFGMC will allow student scholarships, additional instruments and expanded locations.

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