Unrestricted giving is one of many ways the Kalamazoo Community Foundation serves the greater good of Kalamazoo County.

Vivian Abramowitz is a KZCF donor that recently decided to make her entire estate gift unrestricted.

Vivian Abramowitz, KZCF donor

For years, Vivian had been intrigued by KZCF’s work in the community, but never thought much about how she could be a part of it. After her husband died, her financial advisor recommended she come to the Kalamazoo Community Foundation to create a plan for her estate since she did not have any heirs.

“I met with Julie Loncharte to discuss my interests and the options that might be a fit for me and KZCF,” said Vivian. “Now we meet annually to review what we've put in place and make adjustments as needed or wanted.”

She thinks her future estate gift to the community foundation is a lot like planting a tree.

I don’t know when or where the tree will be planted, what kind of tree it will be, who will sit under it, enjoy its shade, daydream in its treehouse, turn it into lumber for building or wood for musical instruments, or draw spiritual sustenance or artistic inspiration from its sheltering presence.

“It may never be known that it’s ‘my’ gift, but that’s fine with me,” Vivian continues. “I have been the recipient of many gifts that I did not necessarily know were being given, whose provenance was unknown to me, but I have benefited just the same.”

Expanding Education Access

In August 2021, KZCF launched its Emergency Scholarship Fund to cover unexpected or unmet financial needs that may otherwise prevent them from completing their degree or required education. Since the program launched, 89 students have applied for funding. Sixty-one percent of awards went toward tuition assistance. A majority of those were juniors and seniors who needed funding to complete their degree.

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