"Flag Remix - An Intersectional America" by Anna Reishus*

We are proud to support the LGBTQ civil rights advocacy agenda. Our vision of Kalamazoo County as the most equitable place to live can only be realized by centering equity in all our community strategies including economic development.

Southwest Michigan First’s values and vision for economic development do not align with the Kalamazoo Community Foundation. We have ended our membership investment with Southwest Michigan First effective immediately.

As an institution continuously examining and reflecting on our own harmful practices, policies and choices, we extend ourselves to Southwest Michigan First to share resources and learning around the benefit of prioritizing diversity, equity and inclusion for the benefit of all people in our region.

*Note from the artist
This flag combines the rainbow of the LGBTQ+ flag with colored stripes representing the diversity of skin tones that make up the American people. We owe our country’s vibrancy to the multitude of cultures, races, and identities. The American flag represents a unified fifty states, and this flag envisions a unified, productive society where all identities are accepted and celebrated - a society that is possible through consistent effort to work through our countries failings. Co-artist: Dave Verdolino