A few months ago, 500 Kalamazoo Community Foundation donors were randomly selected to participate in a nation-wide donor perception survey conducted by the Center for Effective Philanthropy.

CEP surveyed about 2,800 donors of 20 community foundations, so we were able to learn not only how you think we are doing, but also how we compare to others in our field.

What we learned: Key findings

  • In comparison to other community foundations, you gave us higher than typical ratings for our community impact and leadership.
  • You would like to hear more from us about our work in the community.
  • Our donors have varied needs in terms of how and how much they want to interact with our staff: Some of you have clearly defined goals and don't feel the need to interact with our staff. Others would like more frequent, personal contact with our team.
  • In comparison to other community foundations, despite the uncertain economy, more of you plan to continue giving to the Community Foundation.

How we are responding

  • We are proud of the impact we make on our community by investing in the work of Kalamazoo County nonprofits, and that we can provide meaningful leadership when it comes to helping our community tackle significant issues over the long-term. We appreciate your recognition of our efforts in these areas.
  • We will tell you more about our work and how it helps our community thrive. We will do this by sharing stories of impact in our publications, on this website and on our new Facebook page.
  • We will do our best to learn how we can successfully work together to help you achieve your philanthropic goals. For those of you who want to interact with us more, we'll offer more opportunities to do so.
  • We are humbled that in spite of the uncertain economy, you are committed to partnering with us to help our community thrive. We all know that increased needs lead to increased demand for the services of local nonprofits, and your support will be needed now more than ever.

If you would like to find out more about the survey and what we are learning from it, our Donor Relations team is here to help. Click here to meet them and get their contact information.