Truth is foundational to the vision Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation Kalamazoo (TRHT) is partnering with this community to pursue.

Without truth, Kalamazoo County cannot build trust. Trust helps us avoid the mistreatment and misunderstanding we see exchanged between our public safety institutions and the community members they serve.

TRHT supports the Campaign for Criminal Justice Transparency as it allows our community to have discussions based on the same facts and work together to make informed change where needed.

We will continue to collaborate with the community to make this county a place where everyone feels equally protected by the institutions entrusted with our safety.

How can you support?

  1. Sign on to this letter as an organization or individual.
  2. Make a contribution to this campaign.
  3. Invite friends, colleagues and like minded organizations to do the same. Feel free to use this letter or make your own pitch.