IMPORTANT UPDATE: Remynse Is Moving in 2022!

In the past, the Remynse Scholarship has been a separate application, open from October 1 to December 1.

After receiving feedback from counselors and community partners who provided strong arguments for the benefit of a later application, the Kalamazoo Community Foundation has decided to merge the Remynse Scholarship application with the General Scholarship Application.

This means you’ll only need to fill out one application to put yourself under consideration for the Remynse Scholarship and the 60+ other scholarships the community foundation offers.

The new application will be open to students from January 1, 2023 to March 1, 2023.

Please come back in January and start your application. Have questions? Reach out to us at

Scholarship Eligibility

High school senior or college freshman; pursuing bachelor's degree full-time in business, education, engineering, law, math, medicine, psychology or science; demonstrate leadership and involvement in school/community activities; academic achievement.

Type of Student

  • Graduating High School Seniors
  • Undergraduate Students

Award Amount Range


Required to Demonstrate Financial Need



3 additional years

Residence Eligibility

Kalamazoo County resident for a minimum of 12 months prior to application

High School Eligibility

  • Kalamazoo County High School