Scholarship Criteria

BIPOC who is a resident of Kalamazoo County or graduate of a Kalamazoo County High School who earned an undergraduate degree or will be earning one within a year of applying. Field of study is Library and Information Services at a school that is accredited by the American Library Association.

Type of Student

  • Graduate Students
  • Part-time Student

Award Amount Range

Full-time: $4,500+ | Part-time: $2,000 - $3,000

Required to Demonstrate Financial Need



3 additional years

Residence Eligibility

Kalamazoo County resident

High School Eligibility

  • Kalamazoo County High School

Scholarship Information

The goal of the Amanda Green Scholarship, named after a library assistant in Teen Services, is to promote the library profession to people of color.

By providing monetary assistance to an individual(s), KPL hopes to promote the hiring of more librarians of color either at home or in other communities.

In 2016, the Kalamazoo Public Library board passed a resolution that reaffirms the library’s commitment to, “address equal justice under the law, racial justice, and institutional racism, social-economic divisions in our community and human dignity for all through our programs, services, policies, practices and the empowerment of staff to serve our community with these values as priorities.”

Amanda Green worked at KPL for 23 years (1998-2012.) Many of those years she spent in Teen Services working to give all teens the opportunity to improve their lives. Her passion and support of KPL’s mission to support and mentor teens have been passed on for years.