If you’re still curious about racial healing, you’re not alone. As Kalamazoo prepares for its 7th National Day of Racial Healing celebration, it's still a concept that sparks interest.

What is Racial Healing?

Through the Racial Healing Circle (RHC) method, TRHT Kalamazoo offers opportunities for people in our community to connect with one another over topics that are rarely discussed.

Racial Healing Circles gather people with different identities and racial backgrounds to reflect together on their lives and experiences. Through guided conversation and thought-provoking prompts, people in our community share their personal stories and experiences with one another. This process of listening, learning and connecting helps to uncover truths about racism and the different ways it harms us and others in the community.

Racial Healing leaders gather at training this summer. Photo by Gabriel Giron

Racial healing is not about bashing, victimization, or shame. It's about truth, restoration, and connection.

- Emily Olivares, Co-Director of TRHT Kalamazoo

"We don't expect to correct centuries of damage in one gathering," Olivares said. "But, having space to reflect, be heard and learn from others is transformational for a person. And that's where community healing starts."

Racial Healing Circles are for those interested in:

  • Gaining new insights about the experiences of others
  • Forming new relationships with people in community
  • Experiencing the positive effects of vulnerability through reflection

Who leads a Racial Healing Circle?

TRHT Kalamazoo has trained over 60 community members to lead Racial Healing Circles. Leaders complete an extensive, multi-day process to join the cohort. In July 2022, TRHT Kalamazoo held its second New Racial Healing Practitioner Training where 16 new leaders were trained. The new practitioners did a deep dive into the TRHT Racial Healing method and put it in practice by leading circles. One person shared, “I'm feeling inspired, grateful, connected, human, and a sense of possibility.”

Support TRHT Kalamazoo

We are seeking to raise $25,000 by June 30, 2023 to grow our Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation (TRHT) Endowment Fund. Growing our endowment fund ensures that our community has resources to be in this work for the long-haul.

A gift to the endowment fund will be invested for growth. The earnings on the fund will support efforts to dismantle racial inequities and oppression to transform Kalamazoo County through systemic change and community healing.

Want to learn more about TRHT's work?

  • Participate in a community racial healing experience on Jan. 16, 2023, registration is required. Learn more and register here.
  • Join us at National Day of Racial Healing on Jan. 17, 2023 from 6pm to 9:30pm at the Kalamazoo State Theatre. RSVP on our Facebook event and for more information.

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