Black Arts and Cultural Center works to develop the potential and creativity of Black people in the Kalamazoo area, advancing the awareness of Black artistic ability, preserving Black cultural heritage and enhancing interactions among diverse groups in the community.

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Supporting creativity, art and culture in our community

In the next twelve months, BACC will advance their mission in several exciting ways, including:

  • Hosting community film viewings and discussions where community members come together to view culturally and artistically relevant films followed by solution-oriented discussion about the film.
  • Producing culturally and artistically relevant artistic exhibits & productions where local artists, creatives and the like are encouraged to participate, which contributes to the cultivation of their artistry.
  • Producing the 37th annual Black Arts Festival. This festival is the only of its kind in West Michigan and is unique in that it brings diverse groups together to be entertained and educated on all things related to Black art and Black culture. The focus on family and community engagement also makes this festival one of a kind.
  • Hosting several fundraisers to aid in funding the daily operations of the organization.

How your support makes an impact

The community needs the Black Arts & Cultural Center’s Twelve Month Project because BACC is the only organization in West Michigan that serves the sole and essential purpose of exposing diverse groups in the community to Black art and Black culture. Through these efforts, Black artistic ability is cultivated and showcased, which provides rare opportunities for the community to support and interact with artists.

Exposure to Black art and Black culture, and therefore the Black experience, creates opportunities for education and growth for people in Kalamazoo County. In the wake of current social issues surfacing around the country, organizations like BACC play an important role in aiding communities to be aware of these issues.

Donor Advised Fund Representatives can support Black Arts and Cultural Center with a grant suggestion using the following organization info on Kalamazoo Connect:

Black Arts and Cultural Center
359 S Kalamazoo Mall
Kalamazoo, MI 49007

Phone Number: 269.349.1035