For 27 years, Prevention Works has been the primary source for prevention strategies and health education services for youth and families in Kalamazoo County. The staff are certified Prevention Specialists with lived experience and extensive training to provide culturally relevant program delivery, which is vital in reaching desired outcomes and making a difference in the lives of the youth and families served.

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Comprehensive social-emotional services for students and their families

Prevention Works delivers evidence-based data-driven services recognized for enhancing social-emotional health, substance use and violence prevention, adolescent health, parenting and family life skills. Many services are delivered “in person,” at partner locations. Prevention Works collaborates with schools, churches, youth agencies and neighborhood community centers to remove barriers. They believe that the community is best served if we see ourselves as a larger ecosystem.

Throughout the pandemic, community partners have asked Prevention Works to pivot and reimagine their services to meet the growing and shifting needs of the community. Kalamazoo Public Schools has requested an increase in programs and services with intentional touchpoints to support students in school and after school programming. Prevention Works' strategic priority is to provide a continuum of services with wraparound support for students and families.

A large group of people in blue Prevention Works t-shirts. People in the front row hold letter signs that read "EMPOWER". Text at the top of the image reads "The strength of a community comes from what we do for one another"

How your support makes an impact

Prevention Works is proud to highlight a continued partnership with Hillside Middle School. Prevention Works provides vital life skills and social-emotional programming for all 6th-8th grade students, small group interventions for students needing additional conflict resolution skill-building, and substance use intervention services for students using substances on school grounds.

Prevention Works staff also provide additional supports to Hillside Middle School including, behavior modification incentives during hallway transitions, cafeteria interactions for deeper connections and relationship building with students to demonstrate that the community cares. Prevention Works is committed to serving youth and families who reside in the urban core of the City of Kalamazoo, giving them tools to make healthy choices.

Donor Advised Fund Representatives can support Prevention Works with a grant suggestion using the following organization info on Kalamazoo Connect:

Prevention Works, Inc.
309 N. Burdick
Kalamazoo, MI 49024

Phone Number: 269.364.2148
Website: http://www.prevention-works.or...